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Product Description

  • Float Body Material : PP / POM
  • Float Ball Material : PP
  • Max Contact Rating : 10W / 50W
  • Max Switching Voltage : 100VDC / 220VDC
  • Max Switching Current : 0.5A / 1.5A
  • Max Breakdown Voltage : 200VDC / 300VDC
  • Max Carry Current : 1.0A / 3.0A
  • Max Contact Resistance(Excluding wire) : 100 mΩ
  • Operating Temperature : -20~85°C

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Adopt high quality reed switches to provide stable performance and long life expectation;

It is widely used in household appliances, automobiles, medical treatment and industrial control area;

Vertical mounting. With a variety of sizes and specifications, single ball single point, single ball multi-point and multi-ball multi-point are available for selection;

Regular open and close are available;

All PP material, resistant to corrosion, meet FDA requirements;