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Introduction to the Characteristics of Floating Ball Switch

The float switch is operated by magnetic force without mechanical connectors, which is simple and reliable. When the floating ball switch measures the medium floating float, the float drives the main body to move, and the magnet at the other end of the float will switch the magnet on the control rod.


It can be used for multi-point control, and the position of the control switch can be customized according to the user's needs.

The magnetic spring switch does not need power supply, and the contact life can reach 2 million times.

All switch outlets are in the same junction box, and the cost of external construction wiring is low.

Compared with other types of liquid level switches, the unit price of RF type is lower.

The protection level of junction boxes is above IP-65.

There are PVDF, PP, PVC plastic material and SUS304, SUS316 metal material, so no matter acid and alkali solution, solvent or various fuel oil, there are suitable products to be used together.

The magnetic spring switch is completely separated from the conductor and liquid, so it can also be safely used in high temperature and high voltage equipment.